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Stop Smoking Today

Why? I want you to live!

You know what it is doing to you ........... so how about some facts.

Let's say you smoke 20 cigarettes a day which takes about 10 minutes for each cigarette, that's 200 minutes a day, a bit over 3 hours a day smoking. Let's take that a bit further, that works out to be over 1216 hours a year...That's 50 days a year....gone...

Now that's Ridiculous.

That's 7,300 Cigarettes in a Year - About $7,300 Smoked and Burnt to Ash
Here's a crazy one - If you smoked 50 Cigarettes a Day for 5 Years = $91,250

Cigarettes Will Kill You
Cigarettes Steal Time from You
Cigarettes Steal Money from You
Cigarettes Steal Life from You

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